#Fail: The Life Balance Goal

I’ve tried for years to figure out the whole life balance thing I keep hearing about in books and online so I automatically think, give me a day, I’ll figure that shit out!

I have great intentions of being “balanced”. I use the weekends to get myself somewhat organized, plan the days ahead, schedule the workouts and meetings, get client work and kids somewhat organized, then by Tuesday the wheels usually fall off. A client project comes in that I wasn’t expecting, a kid gets sick, a meeting runs way over the allotted time, etc.

I realized several months ago it’s all ok. There is no such thing as balance. Balance would be boring and who wants that? It’s figuring out how to adjust and move ahead when things get crazy that keep life interesting. We can all try for balance, but we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves when we try but don’t quite get there.




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