8:42 am Keeps Me Sane

I am a hoarder of online classes, free downloads and books on self-improvement. Morning routines, morning routines, morning routines is the one thing I hear from every author.

Morning routine here? Well…it could go several ways:

1. Big Winston could crawl up on the bed and pin me down for 30 minutes. He’s my 150+ lb Golden Retriever/Great Dane mix who lacks all self-awareness.

2. I forget to set the alarm on my iPhone and end up having an oh shit moment.

3. A kid is sick or stressed and needs some help.

4. I accidentally check my phone and get sucked into client emails.

There is one thing that happens just about every weekday. My best friend calls after she drops off her middle schooler. 8:42am is when therapy starts. (That’s what we call it). I usually run my mouth more, and I’m honestly trying to work on that. Shes divorced also and has two teens, so there is plenty to discuss.

8:42am keeps me grounded and makes me realize I’m not in on this always juggling boat alone…

Do you have a routine that helps keep you sane? Let me know….



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